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What have I been doing?

Posted by Craig on June 1, 2016 at 8:40 AM

Hi all... New site theme, no PhD, and working on more stuff!

Year before last, I finished a novel. Still in editing phase after all this time, but it's getting there. And, so help me, I will publish it!

But in the meantime, I tried to gather a team to make a short film in order to advertise the novel, and I did make some headway there, especially with a digital artist and a camera man... But both of them needed to focus on university work, and so did I. So, in spite of having a screenplay written and storyboarded, the whole thing has gone on the backburner for now... Grrr.

But my artist did do some wonderful concept paintings, which I'm going to link to here. How awesome is this girl! I am SO getting her to do the cover art for the novel when it's published.

Also, I'm going to start uploading short stories I've written, set in the same invented universe as my novel, in order to soak up some readership and hopefully gain enough interest that I can sell my novel. To that end, I've created an account on FictionPress." target="_blank">http://

I've already uploaded a story, called "Life of a Falling Star." It's actually very closely related to my novel... Now I play the waiting game, where I wait, and reviewers vivisect my work.

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