Craig Stephen Cooper

Author and Engineer


This was a game I developed to demonstrate the capabilities of my Third Year Group Project, the GLOVE.

Initially I never expected to develop an entire game. I thought of just extending a Nintendo64 Emulator to receive input from the GLOVE, but that wasn't really feasible. So I just experimented with the Ogre3D engine and that effort - along with a caffeine induced stupour - evolved into Asteroid3D.

The game was quite popular at the Trade Fair. This was the ad we placed on youtube for the device. When other students in our class saw this video, several groups bowed to us and proclaiming our assured victory. We got second place in the public popularity competition, which is pretty impressive.


I started extending Asteroid3D to receive input from a joystick in early 2010, but put that on the back burner. Currently toying with the idea of porting the game to the iPod Touch, but I haven't much time these days.