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You can see all the books written by me. Here are posted links to digital and paperback copies of each book. Better yet, ask your favourite bookstore to stock them (P.S. tell them to check this website out).

Final Flight of the Ranegr

Three friends, lost in space, drifting ever-nearer to an ancient mystery, lurking in the cosmos.

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The Starlight Lancer

Your worst nightmare may spell the greatest adventure of your life!

The Awakening

A hunt for magical creatures, a viral video series... what could go wrong? Aside from your love life...

Path of a Hero

A horde of monsters threatens the world. Should you turn away, or become the hero you were born to be?

The Cursed Jewel

How do you avert the plans of an evil witch? With a bookworm who fights like Hermione had a baby with Darth Maul!


Mysterious and mischievous forces threaten to turn this cheerleader's happy life upside down!

The Star Warriors

An evil alliance plots to alter history. A ragtag team of heroes will unite to be Earth's vanguard.

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